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He always seemed to point me in the right direction. Johan 27, UI designer

Opdateret: 26. okt. 2023

René has helped me tremendously throughout my time with him. He has helped me tackle problems and look at matters from an angle that I would never have thought to do.

I truly believe Rene has helped shape me into the person I am today after spending the past year with him.

Johan Borup-Remy, 27 years, British, Entrepreneur

Rene’s unique approach of giving advice and ability to “steady the ship” made me fond of him from day 1. Whether it was personal matters or business/stress related topics, he always seemed to point me in the right direction.

I have never left Rene’s office without feeling motivated and inspired and I believe he truly understands me.

// Johan Borup-Remy, 27 years, Young Entrepreneur, Startup and UI designer

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